Deliveries and parcel shipping in France and abroad

Which countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to a range of international destinations. You can choose your delivery point, in France or abroad (USA, Australia, Europe and more...).

What is your network of carriers in France and abroad?

Delivery in France: the standard shipping method for France is the Colissimo parcel delivery service of La Poste.

Delivery in Europe and international destinations: (United States, Australia, Germany, Belgium and more...): Our deliveries are provided by DHL (DHL Express).

What are the delivery methods and how are my packages sent?

Accessories and spare parts - Cyclist's Outfit - Frame and Powder Coating:

Your order will be delivered at whatever address you choose. Ours deliveries are ensured by La Poste or DHL. In case of absence, a notice will indicate the post office where you can collect your order.


Your order will be delivered at whatever address you choose. Ours deliveries are ensured by agents. In case of absence, a notice will indicate you where you can collect your order.

What are the shipping costs, in France and abroad for individuals customers

Shipping costs in France for individuals customers:

Shipping costs to France are 7€ for individuals customers.

International shipping costs for individuals customers:

For all other countries (Europe, DOM-TOM, Corsica, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and more ...), the amount of the Shipping costs will be calculated according to the postal address of destination of the sending of your package.

How to know the shipping costs according to my international destination?

NOTE: By default, the shipping costs applied before your order are set to a price of 7€ because these are the shipping costs applied to a delivery in France for individuals customers.

To know the shipping costs applied to your international destination, we invite you to initiate your purchase by going to step 3 of your order (SHIPPING METHOD).

Shipping Fee Berthoud Cycles

It is at this step that your Shipping Costs will be automatically calculated by our partner DHL according to your delivery address.

If the shipping costs are not automatically calculated at this step with the desired delivery address or if a message indicates "No Carrier Available", please contact us by email at:

How long will it take to receive my order?

When you place an order for one or more products, we commit ourselves to pack and send your parcels via our workshops located - 1035 Rue des Acacias, 71260 Fleurville, France - on the next working day.

The max. delivery period is 14 days after the day we receive your order. Our items are generally delivered within one week. We do our best to deliver your order as soon as possible.

However, some items are not always easily available. We will inform you about delivery periods, and if they are too long for you, you will have the possibility to cancel or replace these items.

For frames and bikes, delivery periods are longer since these items are made after you order them. We will inform you about delivery periods when you place your order.

What to do upon delivery?

On receiving your order, make sure you have all the items listed on the delivery note. Please have reserves about the parcel if it has been flattened or opened. In case of problem, contact us at 00.333.

You can also consult the information concerning product returns on this page.

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