Each leather is different and slightly imperfect, making each saddle a unique one: yours.

The conception of our leather bike saddles mixes a traditionnal material, leather, with today's materials : stainless steel, titanium and synthetic materials part of reasoned decision making.
The croissant is an essential piece for comfort and solidity. Our croissants never break ; thousands of saddles have travelled millions of kilometers breakage free. But its major quality stands in its comfort and its ability to deform to cycling while filtrating vibrations of a paved road.
The structure has been thought to be dismounted, the leather setting system is the result of stainless steel screws and washers far from the sitting area. The choice of stainless steel or better of titanium rails allows absolute reliability.
The leather full grain leather has not been rectified, its vegetable tanned will leave traces of an authentic material. It will let a healthy cycling that adapts to your squeletton and shows a nice patina that will make your saddle a unique object.


Width : 157 mm

Designed for randonneurs and long distance cyclists, its intermediate length between the city saddle and the racing saddle allows an optimal comfort with a slightly inclined chest position.
It is available in two lengths : with or without a central opening.

MARIE BLANQUE: short model, stainless steel rails
AGNEL: short model, titanium rails
ASPIN: long model, stainless steel rails
ARAVIS: long model, titanium rails

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racing leather saddle


Width : 146 mm

The tighter saddle, designed for a lower position, when you are leaning on the narrowest part of the pelvis.

SOULOR: racing model, stainless steel rails
GALIBIER: racing model, titanium rails

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Width : 180 mm

The city saddle is our widest model. It is perfect for more upright postures.

AUBISQUE: city model, stainless steel rails
MENTE: city model, stainless steel rails, rivet assembly
VARS: city model, titanium rails

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Three pieces of advice to maintain your saddle in great shape


Maintain a leather saddle is easy. Don’t sweat it and keep this one rule in mind : don’t do anything to a wet piece of leather. The top side (grain), will stay shiny thanks to our leather conditioner, your saddle day cream. Wipe off grit and dust with a damp cloth, then just spread a bit of product on the leather and gently buff with a clean cloth to make it shine. The underside (flesh side), needs grease once a year, no more. Scoop a bit of our wax (the size of a hazelnut) and gently rub the leather until the product has fully penetrated and voilà, a healthy leather!


Remember rule #1 : don’t do anything to a wet leather. As your leather will break in and start to conform to your body, it will be necessary to adjust its tension once in a while to keep it comfortable and prevent it from sagging too much. With the help of a 6mm Allen key (or 5mm for «race» saddles), tighten the tension screw (clockwise) with two to three turns increments until the leather gets back to a comfortable shape.

rain saddle bike cover


As far as possible, try to keep your saddle away from rain and water. We highly recommend the use of full fenders or a saddle cover : our lightweight ripstop nylon saddle cover allows you to ride while protecting your saddle. If your saddle ends up soaked and starts to sag/flare : don’t panic! Stop as soon as possible and stuff as much newspapers or cloths as possible between the leather and the rails so they’ll push the leather up and let air dry naturally.If the leather has flared, you can tighten it with a strap too, making sure you tighten on several protective layers to not mark the lather. When completely dry, just proceed to regular maintenance on both sides and retighten if necessary.

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