The manufacture of a Berthoud cycle must help you to accomplish your dream.

We offer a complete bespoke bicycle, equipped with fenders, saddle, racks and cycling bags manufactured here at Fleurville, France.

We imagine, with your collaboration, and produce bikes to riding fast or slow, loaded heavily or lightly. They are bikes you can go touring on a whim, day or night or in the rain.
That is why they are equipped with fenders, powerful lights and cycling bags.

A Berthoud bicycle and its accessories will make your cycling trip an everlasting memory.


Designed to ride lightly for a long time

sac La randonneuse

Light randonneuse, depending on the person, can be extremely fast, with no sacrifices to comfort. The randonneuse is historically appropriate to Audax events and ultra-distance but also for simple rides with friends.
With its generous tyres, the road is softer and taking off-road paths and trails is totally possible.
The randonneuse we propose is not far from a current "gravel bike", only differing with the added benefits of fenders, lights and a minimalist bag rack.
Therefore, they are bikes that can eat kilometers comfortably, on various road surfaces,
while having all the necessities in your cycling bags,
and open to all roads, all weathers, day and night.


Designed for cyclo-tourism

sac La randonneuse

The cyclo-tourist bikes are our stainless steel mules. You will have the freedom to load your tent, camping stove and everything needed for your autonomy. They are built to endure long-lasting journeys, whether on roads, paths or trails.
Cycling bag racks custom made to specifically fit our bicycles and cycling bags guarantee an optimal setup.
The technical components of the bikes are chosen for their durability as well as their availability and compatibility which assists replacement in every situation.
Comfort, solidity and reliability are here indispensable.

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