For almost 20 years, we have been producing stainless steel mudguards in our workshops in France.

We have developed a custom machine capable of accompanying us in the shaping of a stainless steel sheet at the entrance of the line and thus transforming it into a mudguard resistant to salts and various aggressions.

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Various processes are carried out in order to achieve working of the steel including rolling, cutting, stamping and finally drilling for fender attachment.

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In order to adapt to everyone's desires, we offer two types of finishes. The first one, very popular for its aesthetic and modern aspect, is a polished stainless steel finish.

In addition to the excellent corrosion resistance properties of polished stainless steel, the fender has a brilliant sheen that adds great value to the whole.

Seeking to offer an alternative to the polished stainless steel finish, we also offer a matte black finish.

Timeless, the matte black finish offers the advantage of blending with many colors and especially with our leather saddles.

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