Fender Stays and Harware

Fender Stays and Harware

Fork crown eyebolt (daruma) for front fender

Berthoud Cycles
Special eyebolt for front fender installation.Held in place by the front brake axle or a simple bolt, it requires an open steerer tube. For fender installation on carbon forks for instance, a stainless L-bracket (ref. 219KIT103) will be necessary instead of this eyebolt.
classic eyebolt fender stays
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Fender Stays and Harware

Classic fender stay eyebolt

Berthoud Cycles
Classic eyebolt for Ø5mm round fender stays.Available in 10.5, 13 and 15mm.Requires unthreaded Ø5mm dropout eyelets.
Fender Stays and Harware

Stainless L-bracket

Berthoud Cycles
Stainless steel L-bracket for fender installation. Work with either front or rear fender depending on your fork crown and seatstay bridge configuration.
Fender Stays and Harware

Fender stay on fender screw set

Berthoud Cycles
Necessary hardware to mount fender stays on fenders.Are included :- 4 x BHC M4x10 screws- 4 x M4 nylstop nuts- 4 x ø4x16 washers
Necessary hardware set to mount the fender stays on the fenders and classic eyebolts to attach the fender stays to the frame and fork.Requires Ø5mm unthreaded eyelets.Are included :- 4 x BHC M4x10mm screws- 4 x Ø4x16mm flat washers- 4 x M4 nylstop nuts- 2 x M5x10,5mm eyebolts + M5 nuts- 2 x M5x13mm eyebolts + M5 nuts- 4 x Ø5mm serrated lock washers
Fender Stays and Harware

R clamps and screw set (for threaded dropout eyelets)

Berthoud Cycles
Complete hardware set to attach fender stays on frame and fork eyelets. This set require M5 threaded eyelets.Are included :- 4 x BHC M5x16mm screws- 4 x serrated lock washers Ø5mm- 4 x flat washers Ø5x12mm
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