"Why bending head to look like a racing cyclist when easy on the small paths
we can cycle with no hands."

Pierre Autin Grenier

Our products
crafted in our manufacture at Fleurville, France


Full grain leather, designed for long distance ride.

Saddle bag, Handlebar bag, front & rear bags.
Rear mirror

To be placed at the handlebar end, available in different leather colors.

Stainless steel, longlasting and sleek design.

Three geometries, quality components & accurate finitions.
A full grain leather designed for the long distance confort
Our leather saddles are the result of an artisanal production which every step is controlled by our artisan.
Leather skins come from a tannery. Skins are selected based on criteria such as resistance, thickness and beauty. Aware of our impact on environment, we only use vegetal tanins.
Every element can be dismantled. And all elements are replaceable to create a product that will last a lifetime.
Sturdy and repairable bags
Whether it is the heritage collection or new models, our cycling bags are known for their longevity but they are not undestroyable.
Shaped in water-repellant treated coton canvas and anti-UV, they are designed to be repairable and will become your most inseparable friend of all your hikes.
Rear-mirror view
Innovative, discreet, elegant, we have been told that a rear-mirror view was made to look behind, this is obviously not wrong. But it is mainly a way to keep forward when we need to watch our back. Conclusion : a rear-mirror view also allows to look ahead, thus it is essentiel.
Timeless fenders
Laminated and polished stainless steel, there are there to protect and help you to ride by any wheather.
They resist to salts and divers agression.
Well-mounted, we could almost say that they are indestructible.

Engineer your custom-made bike

Our framebuilder will create with you the bike you want

Your custom frame

Your components

Your painting and finish

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