Recognized by randonneurs around the world, Berthoud bags are true icons of bicycle touring.


It is the essential companion of the bicycle tour. Windbreaker jacket, cereal bars, map and phone are all within reach.
The fabric is made of waterproof and rot-proof treated cotton, the reinforcements are made of full grain leather. It is fixed with straps or with a décaleur.

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handlebar bag

Great riders do not hesitate to cross France to have them repaired in the workshops where they were born ten or fifteen years ago.


Fixed under the saddle, it allows to carry the necessary for the small excursion of the day or to come in complement of your handlebar bag to go further or longer.

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To go even further.
It is preferable to reserve the front sides for the heaviest loads. For stability, we recommend that you position the weight as low as possible and use a low rack. If they are necessary, the rear panniers should be reserved for lighter loads.
In any case, their weight should be balanced between the right and the left.

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sacoche guidon berthoud

Even after thousands of miles, our bags will always be repairable.

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