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How do I charge my devices with my dynamo hub?

In addition to powering lighting, it is possible to recharge devices with a dynamo hub. Recharging devices requires the installation of the charger of your choice, which will rectify and transform the alternating current delivered by the dynamo to send it to your device.

The proper recharging of devices depends greatly on the charger chosen, but especially on their energy consumption and your pace. To guarantee the safety of your devices, choose a charger capable of managing the variations of the current delivered by the dynamo or the use of a buffer battery.

Indeed, at high speed (downhill for example), the dynamo hub delivers much more than its nominal power of 3W and it is therefore necessary to protect the devices during the recharge. For the most efficient charging possible, the SON 28 model is recommended.

To install the charger of your choice on your bike, you will need to install a bypass box. The bypass box is available as a spare part, but it is also possible to buy the SON Edelux II headlight with this box pre-installed.

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