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Questions about SON Edelux headlights

Find all our questions and answers about SON Edelux bike lights.

Although the Edelux II has a rated power of 2.4 watts, it can easily handle the entire power of a 3-watt hub dynamo. The light output is then slightly greater.

A short circuit may occur due to a faulty rear light or a wrongly connected rear light. If the rear light has ground connection the conductors must not be interchanged: the Edelux ground connection (eyelet connector) must connect to the ground connection on the rear light.
The spade connector female at the Edelux must completely be covered with heat shrink tubing to avoid a short circuit with the Edelux housing.

There is a special version for upside-down mount. A standard Edelux II fitted upside-down would have a very bad light distribution.

The switch-on threshold of a light sensor is a matter of taste. For safety reasons, SON have chosen a low threshold so that the light can already switch on when it is cloudy. Since the light sensor looks down at an angle, the switch-on limit also depends on whether a wide, dark mudguard is fitted under the headlight.

In contrast to headlights with bulbs, it doesn‘t make sense to run 2 Edelux II on a hub dynamo in general. You may connect 2 headlights in series, but only at very high speed there will be significantly more light.

Edelux II for hub dynamos is not suitable for DC current. However, there are two versions for DC current (6 to 8 Volts and 6 to 75 Volts). Those must not be powered by AC current on a hub dynamo.

No, the LED is always firmly fitted into a bike headlight and will last forever, given that it is adequately cooled. Changing to a more modern LED types is usually not possible because their changed beam angle requires a different mirror.

No, SON currently offers neither internal USB chargers nor external ones. But SON provide several products, that split cables and thus help to connect charging devices easily (see SON accessories).

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