Replacement open leather saddle top for Aspin Open Aravis Open black

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Replacement open leather saddle top for Aspin Open/Aravis Open - black

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Saves you from having to buy a complete new saddle when the leather top is stretched out or damaged. Easy replacement. Also allows you to turn your saddle into an Open version.

Here are the steps to follow for the removal/reinstallation of the saddle leather:

  1. Unscrew the tension screw located in the nose of the saddle until it is free, but without taking it out of the nose.

  2. Remove the 9 screws and cups holding the leather in place and remove the old leather. - Present the new leather. Position it well on the crescent, the holes must be well in front.

  3. Then adjust the position of the nose on the rails (the tension screw being completely unscrewed, the nose is now free and you can pull or push it to make it slide on the rails). Again, the holes in the leather must fall squarely in front of the threaded inserts in the nose.

  4. Replace the 9 brass screws and cups. Screw them all in a few turns by hand to make sure that the screws are engaged straight in the inserts and that they do not force. Finish screwing and lock with a T25 key.

    Do not force the screws into the inserts with a wrench or a screwdriver, as this may damage the threads.You may want to put a small drop of medium threadlocker on the screws (LOCTITE® Blue 243 for example) to make sure a screw does not loosen.

  5. Tighten the tension screw in the nose until the tip of the screw appears at the back of the nose.

  6. Riding your bike.

Depending on the leather, a saddle may curve more or less quickly depending on different parameters such as position on the saddle, pedaling frequency, user weight, etc.

When you notice that the leather begins to relax (feeling soft) you must quickly tighten your saddle.

We recommend that you regularly tighten your saddle in a progressive manner (1/4 turn by 1/4 turn) to obtain the appropriate feeling.

Be careful, don't wait until it is too late because leather that is too soft will be impossible to tighten and you will have to purchase a replacement leather.

In order to maintain your leather bicycle saddle, we invite you to download our instruction manual (FR/EN) which contains the essential advice to keep your saddle in shape. This manual is also provided in paper format inside each of our saddles that leave our workshops to help you maintain them over the long term.

Also, in order to maintain leather softness and aspect of the underside of your saddle (flesh side), we propose a Wax to apply without excess once or twice a year.

The Leather Conditioner comes in complement to restore and maintain a high shine of the top side of the leather (grain) of your saddle.

Finally, we also cut and sewn in our workshop simple or integral saddle cover which is ideal when you ride in heavy rain without fenders (mudguards) or when your bike is on your car.

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